Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Consequences of Insomnia

The other (sleepless) night I started a blog.

I didn't intend to.

I am constantly amazed at the beauty, creativity and imagination I see on all of the altered arts blogs I visit. I am always inspired by Dave Hingsburger's "Chewing the Fat" (the only blog I read daily). But I have never felt like I could do this myself. However one of the consequences of sleeplessness is poor judgement and impulsivity (not to mention a tendancy to fall asleep in your oatmeal at breakfast, but I digress). Thursday morning at 4:00am, this seemed like a good idea, easy even. Today, not so much..... but I thought I'd take the plunge and write my first post anyway. (I'm really not responsible for poor spelling and grammar... take a look, it's 2:30am for pity's sake.)

Posting a picture of my house as the banner at the top has proven to be harder than I thought.... Oh posting the picture was easy, making it look cool, not so much.

The title of my blog is inspired by my dear Goddaughter Chelsea who couldn't say Aunt Gina when she was a toddler. By the time she mastered the ability I was attached to being Aunt Gigi and I wouldn't let her change it. I like being Aunt Gigi, I like my house. One day my virtual house may be as cool, cluttered and unique as my literal one. But, until I figure it all out, it shall be relatively plain.

Perhaps I can find a little sleep now.... I hope.

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