Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Explosion Upstairs

I have let my work space become so cluttered that I have been having to do my work on the dining room table and the kitchen counter. Some time ago two dear friends offered to help me take out a closet so that I can expand my work space. Ours is an old, tall, square, house with long closets under the eaves. Of course I have to empty that very packed closet...... the place where I stash stuff when company comes since my work space is also the guest bedroom. I took some pictures during the rearranging process (which, as is usual with tasks like this one, is taking forever and is causing a bigger mess than what I started with....). I will see if I am smart enough to post them in a minute. It looks like the room has exploded. I guess it has. Luckily I have no particular plans over the Fourth of July weekend.....

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