Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OK, so it has been a really long time since I published anything to my blog. My studio is renovated (but sadly, not a lot less messy but that's another story for another day). My friend Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover has been prodding me to get the blog up and running. So I thought I'd see how easy it would be to use Picasa to upload pictures.

This is a piece I made for Marlynn who is in my group Six Players Six Months. It's a RR but we're just sending pages and not the whole book. It's cheaper that way but I can already tell you that I wish I could see and touch the actual books. The work that has been posted so far is amazing, and my white pages from Elizabeth are so perfect.

Let's see how this goes!
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Marlynn said...

Oh, my Gina, we will so miss you! May all of Heaven celebrate your arrival. I so cherish the sunflowers you made just for me. Love to you as you make your nest in Heaven. Peace to your family whom I am certain love you and miss you very much. Marlynn

~*~Patty S said...

Dear Gina ~ You have touched so many with your kind heart and creativity...we all miss you so much.

Thank you for sharing and touching my heart with your art. The India pages you made for me are so special...including the Lord Krishna shrine that I keep right here near me.

Hearts go out to your very sorry for their loss...wish I could give them a big hug!

Rest in Heavenly Peace Dear One

Wabbit said...

Dear Gina, I miss you. I'm bereft, angry, sad, furious, in tears, and wondering how on earth we'll go on without you. I can't go into my art room without seeing something you made or something you gave me. My heart goes out to your family and other friends, and especially to Buster and Betsie. Poor little Betsie with no lap to sit on. No more emails for me with typos because you were typing with both the weenie computer and a poodle on your lap. I'll miss your art and hearing how awful your pages are only to open a package a few days later to find pure delight inside. The pure delight that was you and that will live on in my heart and in the hearts of all of those who love you.

Much love,